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Coolant-Fed Tooling Products


Coolant-Fed Tooling Products

CFT Systems designs, develops and provides coolant-fed tooling and accessories from the finest materials ensuring consistent quality and long-lasting performance. Our products are specifically designed for the speeds, feeds, and temperature extremes of today’s machining process in a cost-effective manner. Coolant-fed technology can extend tool life, increase speeds and feeds, and improve accuracy. CFT Systems tools and accessories are manufactured to meet or exceed industry specifications.


Special Tooling Needs

CFT Systems is able to custom-design coolant-fed tooling and systems for highly specialized applications. When ordering special tools, please supply a print of the desired tool or holder or give a detailed, accurate description along with necessary dimensions and specifications.

New products are continuously being designed and developed by CFT Systems team to further benefit the coolant-fed technology industry. Please periodically check our site for new coolant-fed tools and accessories.